Creating a brand new forecast is very fast and starts with a setting a baseline from previous sales. To get this done Web-Integrated has many methods available in the tool and we can help identify best model. This is the easy step in creating forecast.

The hard part of the forecast is documenting subtle changes resulting from promotions and discontinued items. One way Web-Integrated helps solve this problem is by grouping items together into segments. Aggregating to item groups levels out variations in demand and we can pinpoint a yearly total market share.

The majority of the forecast is already set and you are left managing the exceptions.

But what happens when you need to make a change?

Web-Integrated uses proration to capture manual changes. This allows quick and accurate changes sometimes done by multiple people. The change can roll down to segmented items and instantly show the differences in revenue. Web-Integrated even has a way to make sure each change is approved before communicating to Operations/production/suppliers.